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Additional Custom Fileds

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I was wondering if we are able to map filed to the below fields? I cant see that these mentioned in the Wiki:

1 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_1|empty}}
2 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_2|empty}}
3 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_3|empty}}
4 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_4|empty}}
5 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_5|empty}}
6 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_6|empty}}
7 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_7|empty}}
8 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_8|empty}}
9 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_9|empty}}
10 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_10|empty}}
11 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_11|empty}}
12 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_12|empty}}
13 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_13|empty}}
14 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_14|empty}}
15 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_15|empty}}
16 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_16|empty}}
17 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_17|empty}}
18 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_18|empty}}
19 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_19|empty}}
20 - {{Extended Information.H_custom_20|empty}}


I have nearly used all the 'normal' custom fields (A-T, 21 - 30 and 31-40) and was wondering if i can use the above to pull information into some new email templates?

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@David Longley The extended attributes are stored in a different table, so mapping from IC is unlikely to be practical.

As all of the IC answers are available as variables in the BPM Workflow is there any reason you can't utilise these?

I appreciate this is without knowing the context, but it seems a little bit "information overload" if you're needing to present 40 separate pieces of information to a Customer in an email.

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The suggestion there would be to use 15 of the available mapped fields to store the values you want to use for the email, and use the IC variable values within the Workflow for the rest.

There is even the option, if you're using Custom Fields for reporting, to re-map the fields on once the Request is closed (and will therefore not send any further emails) thus freeing up the Custom Fields used in the Templates.

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