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EspApiTransactions Log files don't produce enough meaningful messages any more

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Good evening,

I've noticed this happening a lot in the log files in what I think is the last few months or so, but I haven't been sure what I (or others) have been doing to cause this. But I managed to replicate it this evening, this is what the log file looks like when I try to update the "Purpose" field of an Asset, I get an error with no details.

The "Purpose" field is of type LONGTEXT so can hold a lot and this is the only field that is being updated on this occassion.

I look in the log files, and all I get is this:


And this now makes sense because I received errors elsewhere in the past, not in Assets, and I, for the life of me, couldn't find anything in the logs and thought I was going mad but now I've been able to replicate this, quite a bit of the system is missing the description of errors when errors occur.

Has the error logging changed in recent months? Could this be related to the API changes? I hope we can start to see the details of errors again soon.



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Hi @samwoo

I've replicated what you are experiencing.  I was able to see that when the purpose field is updated, it is also updating another field called h_new_value.  While the purpose field is longtext, the h_new_value field has a maximum of 512 chars.  I'm assuming that this may have something to do with an audit trail.  I've fed this back to the development team for investigation.

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