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Internal Process question - Change control and Service manager changes.

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Can I ask everyone what processes they have in regards to making changes to their SM environments?

For instance, when you add a new Intelligent Capture or Business Process, do you go through a formal change control process?

I can understand perhaps doing one if you add a new "app" to it, but do you ever do change controls for any other changes in the environment?

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For general Service / Catalogue changes we do not use any change control as such - if it is already live and needs a tweak we would normally just action this. However, we would use Change Control for other scenarios e.g. updating SSO Certs, expanding the service to other departments etc, rolling out a new service.

As we also now have multiple corporate areas using Hornbill we are introducing change control for any changes to the Employee Portal in the near future. As this is now a shared portal across our Digital teams, and our HR teams we want to make sure no changes are made to the portal that affect other teams.

Many thanks

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For capture changes and minor data edits no, but if we're making changes to a business process engine, or onboarding a new area of the business into Hornbill then we do use change controls to cover that.

Many Thanks.


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