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Keysafe - Microsoft Office 365 Connector - Password change

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I've been told we need to change the password for the mailbox we use for Hornbill.  I can see we have a Microsoft Office 365 Mail Connector (OAuth2) setup in Keysafe which it uses for the Email elements.

I've had a look on the wiki site to see if it explains how I update the password details for this email but not found anything.

Can someone let me know what process I need to go through in Hornbill when the password is changed to ensure the emails are still being received/sent?




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@Tina.Lapere there is no password (in Hornbill) for an oAuth2 connector... the connection is made using the token created when this was set up. When the token was created the authentication was performed in Azure context so using your (and your admins) username and passwords provided by Microsoft.

Here is a summary of how the setup was performed for an oAuth2 connector:

1. In Hornbill we create a keysafe for the O365 email connector

2. We use the "Connect" option on keysafe to create the token

3. Microsoft then does an authentication sequence to approve and authorise this token. This all happens in Microsoft context, not Hornbill.

4. Once all is approved (in MS/Azure/O365) the token is created and this is what Hornbill email connector will use going forward to connect to your O365.

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