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Enhancement Suggestion - Schedule the raising of Requests at some specified future date

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We have a number of scenarios where we know that we need to raise a Request at some specified future date eg 1 month prior to an SSL Expiry date. Ideally we would like to raise these Requests at a one-off future date or on a regular basis eg annual, quarterly etc. I should say that we do not want to use Activities - we want them raised as formal Requests.

This is not currently possible within Hornbill. So we have looked at options to use a 3rd party tool to hold and trigger the raising of the requests. This is clearly possible but is not straightforward eg the trigger system needs to be sure the Request was raised and ideally have the Request number, status etc. It feels that if this functionality could be within Hornbill then it would be so much easier to manage, view and report.

Any support for this suggestion from other customers would be appreciated. Or let me know if you have found an alternative and effective way of achieving it! 


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I'm interested in a variation of this, for support teams and/or contractors to carry out preventative maintenance routines on a yearly basis. It would be good to have some way to raise these automatically on specific dates each year (or every 3/6/12 months depending on the requirements), without having to log them all separately from scratch each time. 

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