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Having issues searching for a user in the name filed in IC's

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Hi All

I have one account loaded to Hornbill for a customer who should be searchable by firstname space surname. However, we are only able to find her in the name search field by entering firstname dot surname. When I view her account and compare it to another user with the same setup / same AD source I am able to find him using firstname space surname, and I am struggling to work out why this is.

When comparing the 2 accounts in the backend everything looks the same in that all data fields including all the formats used on each field are set the same (firstname.surname in the User ID / Logon ID / Employee ID) so I am just wanting to understand why we can only find her with the above format. Any ideas why this would be please?

Many thanks


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Hi Adrian,

Which Intelligent Capture form are you using?  The provided Customer search forms come in three variations.  One for Contacts, one for Co-workers, and one that allows for both.  Alternatively, there are options on a custom Intelligent Capture form for adding a look up field for selecting users.  This too has options for the type of user that you want to have listed.

Once I know which type of form you are using and how you have it configured, I could do a few tests.  You can also check the user account type (basic or user) to make sure that it fits with the type of customer search/lookup that you are using.

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Hi James / HHH - thank you for the pointers.

After taking another look today with not very fresh eyes I think I have worked out the issue. The person I was struggling to locate has the surname Basil - we also have on our customers handle the site named Basildon. So when searching for the customer it was resolving against the Basildon value. When I search with the correct full handle (firstname surname - Southend) we are able to locate the customer correctly. Just happens to be a match to other values purely because of her surname !

So in conclusion all looks fine - I will advise the user she has to search using the full handle

Many thanks as always

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