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change default in co-worker view / add more columns

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When searching for a Co-worker here:


Can i add more columns to display the Site and Site code of the user below:



or if i click on the contact and select About. update this page to add more information - susch as Site code or another . 


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Hi @Dave Longley

I'm not aware of any options for adding or removing columns in the Coworker list.  However you can define the User Profile and include the user's site.  This accessed through the Platform Configuration under the Customise section.  The Site field is a default field that just needs to be made visible by clicking on the eye icon. 


Hope that helps.

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Hi Dave,

The only fields that you can add to the user profile are the 8 available custom fields.  If you are populating site as part of an AD user import, it might be that you could also add the site ID to one of the attribute fields if the site ID is something that you also store in AD.


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