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Applying inbound email updates to existing Requests


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Hi, we had the following set-up when we were in implementation phase:


I have an AutoTask that Service Desk use when customers incorrectly chose an IN over a SR or v-v which cancels the original Request and logs a new Request (as a copy of the content) with the new reference and sends an email to the Customer informing them. It has the subject like "Service Desk Ticket - SR00060093 has been replaced by IN00060639".

I guess these are not picked-up by the rule above because there will be two Requests that match the "Reference" Regex so it does neither...?

Does anyone know inbound rules and Regex enough to suggest how we can pick-up these and have them applied to the originating Request (in this case SR00060093)? I think a new rule before the current one that detects the subject string like '%has been replaced by%' but then somehow it has to look at the first match for the reference not the second?

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3 minutes ago, Berto2002 said:

there will be two Requests that match the "Reference" Regex

It will be matching SR00060093 which has been cancelled thus the email will not be applied to it. If the rule is to replace an SR with an IN you can simply change the reference as: [inIN]{2}[0-9]{8}

Note this only works for when you want to specifically look for an IN.

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Also, if you use an Expression of

REGEX_MATCH(subject,'.*\bhas been replaced by IN[0-9]{8}')

That will pick up the replacement Incidents specifically - you'll need to tweak the REGEX for other options and any variations in the wording of the subject.

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