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Human Task Ordering


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Good morning,

I have been slightly frustrated as I have created a bunch of Human Tasks manually against a request and I cannot reorder it.

I have tried:

1. Prefixing the Task Title with numbers (ie. 1) 2) 3)

2. Setting the Task I want at the top to be "High" priority

3. Running an API on the Task I want at the top to be the "Highest" priority

But no matter what I do, I cannot re-order any of the tasks in the list. Looking at the API, it doesn't look like this functionality exists at all.


I would like to request to have the Task functionality include the ability to re-order tasks. Whether we can specify a number to manually reorder it, dragging and dropping the task in the task list, having "highest" priority tasks at the top then sort by title, whatever it may be I think it would be useful.

The problem in the above example is that I added the Update Spreadsheet task last and don't want to have to delete and go through the creation of the tasks again.



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There is currently no way to choose the order, By default open activities are listed by "created on" date (ascending) and completed activities are listed by completed date (descending)

This is already tagged as an enhancement and the Developers are aware, if they have any news it will either be posted here or appear on the roadmap under Admin -> Hornbill Solution Center -> Roadmap Library

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