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Tasks in other teams


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@Steve Giller so we have our service analysts set up with the Service Desk Admin rights and also the Full Access for the Service Requests and the Incidents. But they still cannot complete tasks in other teams, we do have our tasks assigned to a suitable team but sometimes tickets are assigned to other teams either without the tasks being done so the process slows.

As we mentioned before we are using the Super User Role to get around this with some of our analysts to enable them to action these tasks, but we want to end the use of this role.

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This isn't a 'fix' as such, but could you add specific people (Team Leaders or Managers for instance) to all of the different teams which may have a Task assigned to them, giving them the 'Allow Task Action' rights.

But (in the Service Manager/Service Desk settings) make sure that the 'Enable Assignment' option isn't set for this user?

In this way, that person should be able to  complete the tasks assigned to the 'other' teams, but won't have requests assigned to them.

Doing this MAY upset any views they have set for 'all my teams' etc, but it should get around not being able to complete other teams tasks.

Would that help?


Also, this was brought up in this post too: 


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Apologies for hijacking this thread.  But I'm in a very similar position to Jeremy, but our team reach out to admins once they've got the approval manually via email or teams. As there are only two of us, sometimes it can get a bit much, but we've continued to limp along with this.

@HHH I think your task completer role would be a very useful role, which we could perhaps role out to our team leads.

Is this a custom role you created and configured? I had a look at the roles briefly and the wiki and couldn't find such a setting. I'd be keen to know how you've configured it.

Many Thanks


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@Adam TomsMy apologies, yes it's a custom role.

In the details tab, under applications, I added Service Manager

In the application rights tab under Service Desk I added "Advanced Request Task Completer"

Nothing in the System rights tab

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I think I have the same conundrum...despite having the Advanced Request Task Completer right within a Role

Analysts can update tasks assigned to themselves
Analysts can update tasks assigned to other analysts
Analysts can update tasks assigned to roles
Analysts cannot update tasks assigned to teams (where there is no named/assigned user)

It would really help us if our analysts could action tasks that are assigned to other teams (when we are in a position to share workload) 


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