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Issue/enhancement: Users adding Archived Assets to Changes and Requests and I can't stop them


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I've archived a few assets lately but I found one appeared on a Change Request by an analyst and another appeared on a Users Request through IC form. They are doing this 'accidentally' because neither the IC form or Link Asset feature inform the user of the status of the Asset they are linking.

I don't agree that Archived Assets should for found in default searches (as the default behaviour). I think an Archived asset should not show in the search on IC forms or in Request Asset search; in the same way that an Archived User doesn't show in the User look-ups in IC forms or, say, Email Action feature.

For IC forms we have some degree of control over the search but it only ALLOWS certain statuses, it does not DISALLOW them. So I can restrict the search to Current but that means they won't see Active. This is what I suggest is improved: Add a row here on the Asset form in IC to say "Exclude Asset Status" or alter the existing "Select Asset Status" to allow the selection of BOTH Active and Current (and thus excluding Archived).


In Requests, for the Link Assets Action feature, I think the DEFAULT should be to not find Archived Assets in the search; but to allow it in the ADVANCED search (at the moment it's the other way around).

These are both subtle changes that will prevent Users and Agents accidentally adding Archived Assets to their Requests and Changes

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I had this today. My team have no option but to link all assets with matching names or tags and then sift through them afterwards by examining each in the asset DB to then remove the RETIRED ones. This issue is only going to waste more and more time with our analysts as our list of retired assets increased over the years. Please could someone at Hornbill review?


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