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Connections getting error message when viewing requests

Stefania Tarantino

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I have added two users as interested connections to major incidents via a BPM.  They are being added and getting email notifications of the incidents, however they see the below error when trying to view the requests from the employee portal under the My requests> connections option:



They are both set as 'user' in our instance.

They both have the following roles:


The connections settings in Service Portfolio are set so interested connections can view and allow collaboration on Incidents and Service Requests.

I cannot see what I am doing wrong.

Any ideas please?

Thank you.

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No they are not as this requires a service manager licence as I understand it.

I was under the impression from the Wiki on this that even Basic users can be added as connections and given visibility of requests.

Just to add that we are trying to avoid giving these users access to all incidents and requests or granting a SM licence,  and only wish them to access those they are added to as connections.

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Hi @Stefania Tarantino

These users that have been set as Connections, how are they accessing the requests that they are connected to?  I'm just wondering if they are trying to access the requests from a link in an email, and the link is pointing to the request list rather than the employee portal.

If they go to the Employee Portal and from the Requests Widget, do they have the option for Connections and if they click on that do they see and can they access these requests?



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