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Colour banding to indicate Elapsed SLA status


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Hi there we are currently having a big push to improve our SLA's we have discovered a Board (attached pic) that could (with work be brought back into service but that means that my team have to go to another screen to check on which tickets are due to expire) but ideally I would like this information to be obvious on their normal Request View using a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status.  The background colour might change to Green at 75%, Amber at 90% and then Red once the SLA has expired.

I have mocked up my preferred method of showing this but am open to any other possible ways that this can be done.


SLA in main view.png

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47 minutes ago, Ruth said:

any other possible ways that this can be done

The "SLT" column will indicate if the Request has breached either Response or Fix SLA, but there is no way in the Request List view to display the Requests by percentage of SLA expiry, other than be sorting against the Respond By or Fix By columns.

If you have Advanced Analytics you should be able to set up a Dashboard showing this kind of information, this is a useful way of showing the information on a central display along with current targets and whether they are being met etc. which helps to focus on improving SLA performance.

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Hi @Ruth

Thanks for your post.

I see that you have a few P3 priority tickets in your list.  

I'm wondering if you have looked at increasing the priority automatically as the Service Level timer come closer to the target?

Under the Service Portfolio, you may have already found that you can set colours for your different priorities.


Within the Service Levels of an SLA you can set a number of actions that take place automatically as time passes or gets closer to the target.  One of these actions is to increase the priority level by 1.  So if the priority is set to low, and a target time has been reached but still not resolve, it will increase the priority to medium and the colours for each priority will be displayed in the request list.



Personally, I like the idea of using the priority field as the key identifier to what needs to be looked next in my queue.  A strategy using priorities can be planned out where some types of request have a starting priority that increases automatically over time.  Also, a priority might be manually applied due to something happening outside of the Service Levels.  In both cases the priorities along with their colours can make them more visible to the support staff.

You will also be able to create Request List Views that possibly show the high and critical priority tickets, and with this create some Personal Dashboard charts to get that quick view and access to the different types of tickets and their priorities.  

Let us know if these are the type of things that you are looking for.

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