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Additional selection tree on resolution screen


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Hi there, we close tickets by performing a variety of issues such as fixing wi-fi connectivity on a laptop so our closure tree selection might be Hardware>Laptop>Wi-Fi HOWEVER that Wi-Fi fixed could be achieved in a variety of ways. 

  • An engineer might have visited the site the user was on
  • The user might have come to a central site and got assistance from the team by using our Qminder system
  • The user might have called our third party phone provider
  • The central service desk might have phoned the user and talked them through resolution
  • the Central service desk might have sent self help documentation to the user 

I want to add something like the closure code category tree to the Resolution screen to record this so I can store and report on this.  I want to be able to report on. for example how many network team ticket require them to go to site (as site Visits take more time than remote fix), how many tickets were resolved by Qminder visits (as these tie the staff to the one location) etc Please note the image uploaded shows the type of location I would like it to go in, although my original idea of just a tick box for Qminder has been seriously CSI'd to cover all teams and all methods of implementing the resolution.

Our Service manager has shown us that we can do this by resolving the ticket through a work flow of different task, but reporting on tasks is very poor and I don't want to move a major ticket process away from the lop line of icons.  Does anyone know of a way that I can add to this basic form.

Please can the ability to add to the resolution form be granted.


QueueMinder closure added.png

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