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Export List returning different number of requests to what is shown


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A colleague is trying to export a list from a view they created in Service Manager, but is finding the number of requests returned in the CSV export does not match the number of requests shown in the view in Service Manager.

I have replicated their view and get the same result (26 requests shown in Service Manager, only 8 requests in the CSV).

Is there a rule about what gets exported to CSV that we are not aware of?





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Hi Craig

As far as I am aware there are no rules as such in the export CSV function - there is of course the conditions you set to show your required data, but nothing else beyond that. It should just export the data you have showing in your configured request list view. I have not come across any differences when doing the same, so there must be something that is causing the difference. If you have 26 in the configured request list view you are exporting it should then show 26 in the output report.

If no one else can work out why you are seeing the difference here I would look to raise a support call to Hornbill to advise further

Many thanks

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