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Remove Space left by ESP Condition


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We are currently using some ESP Conditions in our emails,

Specifically, a paragraph in one of our emails that is automatically sent to customers upon logging a request.

We have an ESP condition set up, if a Request source is Email then insert paragraph, my problem is on the email template when the esp condition is not used (source is not email) it leaves a space where the paragraph would sit.

Can it be made possible for the ESP Condition to include line breaks, so we could select the line breaks before and after the paragraph so these would only appear if the ESP condition was being used?


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Hi @will.good

Try taking a look at the source of the e-mail. There is probably a <p> </p> either side of the ESP condition or a <br /> in front. You would just need to move these two tags inside the condition so they only display when the condition is met.

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