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I want to capture multiple values in an IC without the need for an attachment - any ideas?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I am working on a new Service / Catalogue where we want to raise requests for cancelling or amending a booked clinic within one of our hospital sites.

As part of the questions offered, we are asking our customers 'do you want to cancel 1, 2-9, 10+ or All Clinics'. Previously where we are capturing mulitple data items like this, we would normally offer a spreadsheet to be attached for the customer to complete and attach to the request. However, in this scenario I do not want to offer an attachment, I want to capture these clinics in questions asked in the IC. The main reason for this is to allow for easy searching of the completed requests within Hornbill - if we went down the attachment route this of course will cause issues if we ever have to backtrack in the system to check for any issues / problems that arise from said cancellation of the clinic. Mainly as we would not be able to search the multiple values in the spreadsheet and would have to open up the spreadsheet to check further.

So as an example, someone raises a request to cancel between 2-9 clinics, and the actual amount to cancel is say 4 clinics. Ideally, I would want to present 4 input boxes, 1 for each clinic so like a closed loop capture - is there an easy way to achieve this in the bpm without having to construct multiple branches for 2 clinics, 3 clinics, 4 clinics etc? The below screen shot shows the current IC configuration and it is how to handle this that I am struggling with.

Is it possible to have a loop of some kind that would loop around dependent on the number of clinics they want to cancel? With my example I have 4 clinics, so goes down the 2-9 clinic path then it offers 4 input boxes for the 4 separate clinic codes?

Many thanks



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Could be either.

On the one hand the Multi-Line Text field lets them type anything from a single clinic to an effectively endless list and there's a practical limit to how many entries you want to use in a list of Checkboxes, however Checkboxes will present the Customer with a list of clinics that actually exist, a Multi-line Text field will allow them to type imaginary ones - or at the very least incorrect spellings - which makes comparisons more difficult in the subsequent Workflow.

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