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Salma Sarwar

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Hi @Salma Sarwar,

Is not possible to change the title (or name) of a link item. We also don't have plans to allow such customization.

If is really important for you I will suggest to use the Text Widget. That is a free text paragraph that accepts wiki mark-up, so you can add different headings, links and images.

here's our complete wiki documentation: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Wiki_Markup



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Hi @Salma Sarwar

I believe that the tile size is hard set to allow for some consistency across all the tiles within a single Links Widget.  I can see that increasing the size of an image within a tile will only go as large as what can fit within the set tile size.  The size of the tile also adjusts its size when you change the number of columns (1-4) that the widget spans to make better use of the space.  

Is there a particular scenario that you are trying to achieve by having control of the tile size?


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