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Error code -1 when saving my Change BP


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Over the last few days when making adjustments to my change process BPM, I have received error code -1 when I publish my process. The user interface does not update to show that my new version is active but when I refresh the window it does.

I am currently concerned about the integrity of my workflows when I publish and whether there is some kind of interruption to this process that could cause corruption et cetera.

After publish button is pressed:


After refreshing the browser the Active and Published come into line again:


And then after publishing again I got this WEIRD and wonderful combination in the browser:


And then after refreshing the browser, the Active and Published are out of line in a way that I don't understand what is live and what is not:


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  • Victor changed the title to Error code -1 when saving my Change BP

We can not see any errors in the Server at the times above.. However we would not expect to see any as -1 means that the API request probably didnt make it to the server . The API that failed to reach our server could be any number and we would need to see the full Network tab from F12 developer tools to see which specific API, the payload and the target. 

Kind Regards

Hornbill Cloud Team 

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