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We have a subscription for 185 full user and 95 Service Manager users.

Is anyone able to advise what a user gains by being added to Service Manager Users, if they are already a full user and are already assigned to the Service Request User role?

I'm just trying to understand if all our full users need to be in here or not and what access they are missing by being excluded from Service Manager Users.


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There are two type of subscriptions in Hornbill, platform subscriptions and application subscriptions. The full users you are referring too are platform users. In order for any of these users to have access to application functionality (e.g. Service Manager app) they need an application subscription (e.g. Service Manager subscription). Not all users need an application subscription only the ones that need to use application functionality.

Users that appear in the list in Service Manager section (screenshot) are users that have been allocated an application subscription (Service Manager). If you remove a user from this list, the application subscription assigned to that user and it will also un-assign all the application roles the user has allocated.

So any app user is a full user but, not all full users are also app users (meaning some full users are not app users).

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