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Last updated by customer colours


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When looking at the service desk, both of the below requests were logged by the same customer (therefore last updated by the same). Why are these showing different colours?


These are our settings



To confirm, this user is a customer and not an analyst.

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Hi Will,

Thanks for your post.  Difficult to say without having access to the underlying data.  My guess would be that the last action was done by some automation in the workflow which may have been triggered by something the customer had just done on the ticket within self service while they were connected.  I believe that a BPM Automation will be display in amber as this is something that the customer themselves are not doing.  However, there can be cases where the BPM is running under the context of the customer, so they get associated as the person that triggered the action.  

By looking at the timeline, you may be able to see these last actions.  You may find that that there was a customer update, followed immediately by an workflow automation.

In any case, it doesn't appear to be right.  You might need to raise a support ticket to follow up on this so the data can be looked at.

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