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.h_fixby field not populating email templates

Paul Alexander

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In our 'incident logged' email we have a "target for completing this call is {{.H_fixby}}" line, but the .H_fixby information isn't getting inserted.


We have a 'start resolve timer' node set before the email is sent, and, if I look at Database Direct the information IS in the h_fixby field, but it's not showing in the email.

I have a 'get request details' node between starting the timer and sending the email too....




Any ideas please?

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@Paul Alexander Have a look at the e-mail template and check its source code. Sometimes there can be issues with HTML tags existing in the middle of the variable name. Make sure it displays as {{.H_fixby}} exactly in the source of the email.

Would also suggest including | empty so when there is no value in the database it won't display the variable in the e-mail - more info at https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Templates under Variable Visibility.

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