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Restricting end date based on start date in Intelligent capture


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We have an intelligent capture for requesting visitor accounts, which are restricted to 2 days in length.

We ask for the start date, and end date on the form - both use a date control field.

The end date that can be entered needs to be restricted to max 2 days (from start date).

I can see the use of the date range start and end, however this doesn't take account of the start date.

Is there a way to restrict the end date based on the start date entered into the Intelligent capture?

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+1 for this functionality, we need to validate that an end datetime for change requests added during capture is after the start datetime entered (otherwise it fails silently to update the change calendar during the business process)

I've tried adding a custom expression after a branch node and looping back via another customised form to inform the user but it doesn't work, presumably because the start date (field ID = SDandT) is converted to a string, and I can't find a way to convert it back to a datetime for comparison in the intelligent capture. 



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@Stefania Tarantino This is one of those pieces of functionality where various parts of the Platform (e.g. Core, Admin, Applications) all have to work together to create a finished product.

The Service Manager update has added their support for this feature, other areas will have to do so also before the option is available to use.

Generally speaking if you see "Support for ..." in the release notes it's part of a larger whole and does not mean the feature is available top use (yet)

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