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Pagination/button styling


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Would it be possible to add in extra styling options for pagination - for example, the option to choose the text colour or background colour for the active page pagination box.

The issue is that at the moment the background for the active page box shares the same styling options as the other buttons in the widget (Link colour), and the pagination boxes share the same text colour whether active or inactive, so we are quite limited with the colour choices to make everything visible. It would also be good to be able to separately style the buttons at the top of the widget.




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Hi @Met,

I can see an issue when you hover over the active page number. In that case it uses the same background colour. But other than that I can't recreate the issue.

Can you let us know what browser and what operating system you use?

Also, can you please send us a screenshot of the colour configuration of either the widget (if you overwrite the colours) or/and the domain's body configuration to see what colour combination you use? That way we perhaps will be able to recreate the issue.

Thank you,


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Hi @Daniel Dekel

I'm using Chrome Version 104.0.5112.81 and Windows 10.

Had a look at the global colour settings for page body - we had Link Colour set to the blue. Removing this colour altogether has fixed the pagination issue (although potentially may have introduced issues elsewhere where we'll need to manually set a link color on each widget).

The 'Links Color' in the My Requests widget just updates the background of the buttons and pagination boxes, not the linked ticket items. Although this actually works to my benefit, it is odd that one part of the widget respects the colour overwrite and another part stays with the global settings.

This is also similar for the 'Text color' option in the widget - if a global text colour is set then you can't overwrite this using the widgets styling - it just stays the same as the global setting regardless of what you set the colour to. So the only way is to delete the global colour setting and set it manually on every widget, which seems counterintuitive. 

Sorry if this doesn't make sense - it is bizarrely quite complicated for something so simple ha.




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