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One customer getting error message when trying to access Employee portal

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I have one basic user who is having some issues logging into the portal. When she uses the link to logon no identity provider box, or SSO box appears - she just gets the below error message appear. 

We have cleared her cookies / cached data etc and restarted the whole desktop but still getting this error for her. Her account looks fine in Hornbill admin and was last accessed by her in February of this year. The computer is on the network with no obvious issues, and has connectivity to the internet, and we are able to remote to her desktop (I initially thought it may be some kind of network issue on the desktop).

Any ideas on anything else I should check here? I have asked her to try logging onto another desktop to see if the same issue occurs, and I am waiting on an update from this action.

Many thanks 


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Once you have confirmed if they are able to login on a different computer, you may want to also look at which browser they are using and that it is on the latest version.  Also have a look at what browser extensions they are running and maybe turn these off. Are you able to login to that user's computer and login to Hornbill as yourself?

If they are not able to login using a different computer, and other users have successfully logged in using that same computer, then we can look at their account in Hornbill to see if anything jumps out.  

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Hi James, she was able to logon to Hornbill on another PC with no issues - when we remoted into her PC we were not able to logon either as no logon screen offered, just moved straight to the error.

I will ask our 2nd line team to check the PC and ensure all up to date, and no issues on browser. If we still see the issue after this check, I will raise a support ticket to get someone to check the system, however, I suspect it is a software build issue specific to that desktop

Many thanks as always

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