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Round Robin - Ignoring a specific User


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The "Round Robin" is completely ignoring a specific User. 

I have dropped other Users into the Team and it assigns no problem. 

I have checked the following

          User Availability: Available

          Service Manager>Service Desk>"Service Desk (Auto Assignment)" : Enabled Assignment: Yes

They are a fully working User and have been using the Service Manager system for a few weeks now with no issues.

I have changed the status around and "Saved" but no joy 

The account is quite new compared to others so unsure if someone has caused an issue. 






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Thank you for response

Are you explicitly specifying your team name "Service Desk (Auto Assignment)" in the Team parameter for the node? 

          It works for 3/4 of the Users so pretty confident I have selected the correct "Team" 

Do you have the Include Offline Users set to ignore or Yes?

          Its set to "Auto" which is "Yes" according to the Wiki. I could change it but I checked the User who it wont work for and they are 100% Online. I even jumped on that machine and switched the status from their current session thinking it was bugged etc. Still didn't resolve. 

I added myself into this Team and It worked straight away. Checked permissions with other users and identical. Only difference is this person started 3-4 weeks ago and its never worked. 


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Hi @JamieMews

If all the configuration seems to be in place, I was wondering if they are also being assigned requests manually?  The round robin works and the basis of which team member has had the longest time since they were last assigned a request.  As a new user, are they being manually assigned requests or possibly doing some tests, or are they looking after an area where they are being assigned requests on a more regular basis than the other members of the team?



Most of the Hornbill Automations in the Workflow designer have this help icon.  This is where the text above comes from.  This can be very useful for finding out more about an automation.


Hope that helps.

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Thanks for that. 

I should have mentioned....

To test it when I was adding other members to the Team. I actually created a Button with an Auto Task BPM to replicate the same process as logging a new ticket. 

I could then press the button several times in a row to watch it go through the Round Robin and assign to different Users. 

Worked perfect on other Users apart from this specific account. I think that account is bugged somehow.  

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Using the Auto Task is possibly the best way to test.  

Could you try something for me.  Could you manually assign the request to the user which isn't working, making sure the request is also assigned to the team that is set in the Round Robin automation.  Then run through your test and let me know if the user is now being assigned as part of the Round Robin.  As the were the last one that you assigned to the ticket, it should cycle through all of the other team members before it comes back to this user.




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Assigned the ticket to the user that Round Robin ignores. No Problem 

Pressed the button and it now cycles through and includes the New user. 

Tested on another ticket and its now working. Thanks for your help!


I guess this is not replicated with others due to the way we have it set. 

I created a "Service Desk (Round Robin)" Team that contains the Service Desk members included in the round robin assignment. This means the Service Desk Team Leader does not get included (Service Desk Assignment is Disabled) and doesnt need to set his status to "Offline" to avoid the Round Robin. 

The BPM will assign the ticket to the "Service Desk (Round Robin)" Team. Assign its Round Robin assignment and then move it back into the "Service Desk" Team. 

The Team Leader is still then able to take ownership of "Service Desk" tickets. 


Thanks again for help







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