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Is there a way for users to be able to view documents via a direct link, but not have the ability to view libraries or other documents?

We want to be able to link to documents hosted in Document Manager, so we can link them in Self help pages, PCs etc, but we do not want users to have access to see the whole library via the link on the homepage banner 

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We don't have such a role currently.  The most limited role to provide access to document manager documents is the Docmanager Portal, this only allows viewing documents but still provides access to view the document list and any libraries if they are shared with that user, I will look at whether we could provide a role to just allow directly opening documents via links without giving access to any other part of the docmanager interface and update here when it maybe available.

Full list of the current roles are here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Document_Manager_Roles



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