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Requests not seemingly picking up new on-hold details


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We have a request which was placed on hold on 27/10/22 @ 14:38:41 to come off hold on 31/10/22 @ 14:38:35, but this ticket came off hold itself at 16:47:34 on 27/10/22.

Looking through the timeline, it appears that on 24/10/22 @ 16:47:31 the ticket was placed on hold until 27/10/22 @ 16:47:26

It appears that it came off hold based on the original time it was placed on hold and hadn't picked up the new on-hold details.

I cannot see any activities in the BPM process log for when the request is placed on hold or returns to active - in progress.  Should there be any entries?

Any help with this would be appreciated.

I seem to be unable to raise a support ticket via the Get help login.  So am posting this here.

Our request ref is IN00110753

Many thanks.195816273_IN00110753NewOnHolddate_time.thumb.PNG.889bd5115351b629ea3ca42a401c179b.PNG1348077763_IN00110753OriginalOnHolddate_time(HB).PNG.343053e900695ef9781c44f6e2658e62.PNG

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Hi @Stefania Tarantino

Thanks for your post.  As a Premier Support customer it is important that we make sure that you can access help through your Get Support login.

On the login screen, your instance name needs to be provided. 



This can be found within the URL when you are logged into your own Hornbill.  Make sure that you only include the instance name.  Your instance name is also case sensitive, so be sure to have it in all lower case.  


I've checked your record and it does have you registered and you should be able to access this.  If you have provided the above and you still can't get in, please post any errors that you are having.  I'll also double check with Hornbill Support to see if there could be any other reason why you can't access this.

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