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Can I alter the format of the hyperlink that pastes when I copy a Request URL?


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When I copy the URL of a Request and I paste it into almost any product, it comes out like this:

IN00046721 - Hornbill

But we call our Hornbill Service Manager system something else internally and I would prefer it to say this:

IN00046721 - velocITy

Can I do this? If not, I would like to suggest this as an enhancement to re-enforce our identity.

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Indeed so my question remains :-)

How can I alter the browser tab name? Looks like it's data configured by you guys to show your company name in every tab but we want it to show our service name because that's more customer-friendly. It feels like it should be a setting in the portals configuration somewhere.

It makes sense for your browser tabs for your customers because it's congruent with your product name:


But where your customers brand their portal as something else, it's not congruent and confuses people as to what to call the it service desk product:


This is a bit like owners of Amazon smart speakers being able to configure the wake-up name to something else, like, "hey computer" but Google speaker users are stuck with calling-out the "hey Google" name.

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While it is our company name, it is also the name of the cloud application or service.  The word Hornbill is added to the browser tab name to identify the tab as running the Hornbill app when you have multiple tabs open on your browser.  This makes is easier to identify each tab.

I agree that for a physical product like a smart speaker, hard coding something like this wouldn't make sense, but this is just a browser's tab name for a cloud service. If you browse any page in Amazon, including a reseller's page, it will always show amazon in the tab's title so that the user can easily see which tab is on which site.  If you use something like Microsoft Teams for your organisation, it too shows Microsoft in the tab title and not the name of your organisation.


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