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Can we please make admin.views.account.users.userinfo.tab.security () an editable title?

It seems strange to be the only one on this menu that is not editable:image.thumb.png.737c23edcc732027a71f9db975ca3c21.png


Side question, is there any way to change the colour of the dotted lines below translations (I am colour-blind with reds and greens so cannot see any difference in the colours!)

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@will.good On the colours, the High Contrast mode is configurable, under My Personal Settings -> Other -> Show High Contrast Options ("selected text" is the one to be used as underline colour for the green translation.) and there are some adjustments on the way in Dark Mode to make the Green underline more distinct. When these changes arrive (in the next Core UI build, I believe) please let us know if they improve matters for you.

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