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Hornbill emails not populating in MS Outlook, but populate in O365


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@AKetteringham MS Outlook is an email client so unless you have forward rules for the email accounts set in Outlook you won’t receive emails in Hornbill via Outlook. Hornbill mail service is also an email client. Unless I am missing something, what happens over there is that you could use (or so used) Outlook client to receive and send emails via the O365 account. You (also) have a Hornbill mailbox configured to receive and send emails using the O365 account. So in summary, there is nothing to revert to and almost certainly there is no “reverting to MS Outlook” in this scenario.

Would be worth checking (test) the email connectors configured in Hornbill admin. Also, if you have not switched to oAuth authentication for the email connectors you would need to do so as basic authentication is no longer supported by Microsoft.

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