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Requests -> Assets -> Added Customer Assets broken


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Good afternoon,

As part of the Leaver process we need to have all the Leaver's Assets added to the ticket. There is a process for this but it appears to be broken.


I am using a Variable under User ID and I can confirm that the source (leaverDetails which is the Application -> Users -> Get User Details) works to pull the Leaver's Details as this information is used to populate the Custom Field, but when the BPM gets to this part of the process, it adds my own Assets (as the person who is logging this test ticket) instead of the Leavers that I select, despite me specifying the User ID in this process.

Please can someone have a look at this as it will be a critical part of the Leaver and something the Service have been wanting to happen for a while.



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Hi @samwoo

I have tested this when using a set user under the User ID field and this is working for me.  As you are using a variable, I possibly need to know more about how that variable is being populated to understand what might be going wrong.  To test variables I will sometimes amend the contents of the variable to the summary to see if the value is coming out as expected.  The variable should contain the User ID.  


By default the Used By field is set to false and it will look to associate assets that are Owned by the user set under User ID.  If you were to set this value to true it would then look at the Used By field rather than the Owned by.  Are you wanting the owner or the user of the asset?

Another great way to test this is to create an Auto Task with just this one node in it which will allow you to run it multiple times against a single test request.

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Hi @James Ainsworth,

Thank you for getting in touch. I already have the "Owned By" variant of the node set up to run next to the "Used By" variant just incase.

I have done some further checks and may have identified the problem... if I use the dropdown list next to User ID, I can only select "User" users... none of the "Basic" users appear in the list.

I have tried hardcoding the "Basic" User ID in there (using Variable as this can't be done using Manual) but no matter what I do, it returns the Assets that I am linked to as the "Customer" of the ticket.

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Update - I selected one of my colleagues who uses Hornbill in that list, and it correctly returns their Assets.

So, the issue is that the User ID doesn't work for "Basic" users, and if a "Basic" user is supplied, the process doesn't know what to do then by default, returns the Assets of the Customer.

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