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Assignment of roles - Basic User

Stefania Tarantino

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I have a basic user who was unable to view the employee portal in Edge or Chrome.

I noticed that in Platform Configuration and user details - although the user type is 'Basic' the 'Basic User' role was not ticked.

I have also noticed that a lot of our Basic User types do not have the 'Docmanager Portal' Role either.

Are both the Basic User and Docmanager Portal roles not automatically assigned to a Basic user?

If not how do I make sure they are?



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Hi @Stefania Tarantino

By default there are no automatically assigned roles to any user.  You are able to set up user templates where you can define this.  How you do this will depend on how your basic users are created in Hornbill.

For manually created accounts you can create templates under the platform Configuration. 



These template can then be selected when you are creating a new user.



If your users are being created automatically through AD integration then the roles will need to be set up as part of that configuration



Let us know if you have any questions about either of those configurations.



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