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Email Multiple External Addresses


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We would like to be able to send an email to a small group of external email addresses as part of an incident BPM  (or possibly an Autotask).   The group will vary depending  on the site chosen.

I’m struggling a bit to figure out how to do it.  I don’t want to use decision nodes in the workflow as it will become a nightmare to administer.   The group addresses could be stored in the notes field for each site, but I don’t know if/how I can then use this with the email.

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@LouiseT you can hold the email address in the site custom field, then in the business process do the following:

Use a get site info node - this will return the custom fields and the notes field for the site, in the site field on the ticket as output params you can use later in the workflow



Follow it with a send email node - and set the External addresses to use Variable 



then use the variable picker in that field to choose the field from the previous get site node which holds the email address




I would suggest using custom fields 0-8 to hold the email addresses, as you might want to holds more info in each sites notes field, but i'll leave that up to you

Hope that helps



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