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I can't get a new inbound routing rule to work on any criteria


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I have set-up a new rule. I know it's trying to do something because it's pushing the email to the "Failed rules" folder but it's not logging the new Request. Inbound rule:


Referring to the following in Service Manager:


The email has this in the header:


The Service and Cat Item are configured to match with Subscribers as appropriate:


I've read through this and it's all in order so what is causing the failure?


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@Berto2002 for routing rules there are 2 FAQs or guidance sheets as you call them:

Routing rules do not process emails :: This is for scenarios where the routing rules simply does not process the email. The email lands in Inbox. This focuses on the potential issues with building rule expressions. 

Routing rules do not raise requests from emails or apply emails to requests :: This is for scenarios where routing rule do process the email but fail to preform the designated action. The email lands in the designated folder for failures on the rule that processed the email.

Both FAQs are listed in this sub-section of Service Manager area: https://community.hornbill.com/forum/147-faqs-common-issues-tips-tricks/


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