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Built-in maths functions in BPM?

Paul Alexander

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This has been brought up before 

However, has there been any thought on having a 'maths specific' option in the Utility section of the Hornbill Automation node in the BPM?

I'm thinking that having a simple 'add', 'subtract' 'multiply', 'division' option, with a couple of inputs might be handy? I don't use these things often, but I do know that there are a couple of our requests where a 'total' field in a task or email would be handy.

I know that the original post (above) asks about having these in the IC, but either (or both!) option would work for me (IC and/or BPM)

I do know that this can be achieved using JS coding, but it's not encouraged (as per the linked forum entry) and it can get complicated!! 

Any thoughts? 


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