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Ticket Cancellation Notification

Salma Sarwar

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When you cancel a ticket, you also cancel the Workflow behind it, so there is nothing active to perform any automations.

I would suggest removing the Cancel action altogether (via the Service Portfolio) and having a Custom Button that invokes an Auto Task which emails the Customer and then cancels the Request.
As Auto Tasks are automatic they do not have the option to accept user inputs, so you would need to have the cancellation reason stored in a Custom Field prior to clicking the button so the Auto Task can access it.

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Hi Steve,


I am unsure of how you would record the cancellation reason in to a custom field (if this is not part of the custom button prompt). I don't think its wise from a usability point of view as the analyst may forget to enter a reason prior to clicking the custom button.  This would then fire off a notification without a reason.


Kind Regards,




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