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Tasks and Tickets - in one view

Salma Sarwar

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Hi @Salma Sarwar

There is an option available to see requests from all the teams that you belong to within this menu that provides some default access to request that are linked to you as a user.



You can also create a View for a specific team



As Requests and Activities are two completely different types of entities, these two things can't exist in the same list.  However, while looking at the request list you can also have the right hand pop-out panel for Activities expanded and in view, while looking at the request list.


This pop-out panel can include tasks that are assigned to you and that you own.  In the case of viewing or managing tasks that belong to a team that you are managing, you would need to assure that these tasks have you as the owner when they are created as part of a workflow.

By opening the full Activity View, you can filter and show tasks based on a number of criteria.



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