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New dropdown option with Software Assets


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Hello all,

We are currently looking for a field to within the software asset type which can be used as a drop down with custom options (e.g. Paas, SaaS, Desktop, etc)

Has anyone managed successfully to find a location to put a drop down like this? 

License Type was my first thought, but we are unable to edit this field.


Thanks in advance,


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On 10/13/2022 at 3:02 PM, Steve Giller said:

I believe that by default you have two Software Asset Types, Desktop App and Mobile App:

Would separate types for SaaS, PaaS etc. work for you?

Another alternative could be to use Tags.

Hi Steve,
We would like to keep them under the current existing asset types as otherwise we will end up far too many different types.

We would plan to use the Tags for another item rather than the type of software.

We have lots of customers and organisations within our hornbill instance that use the same software, with the limitation of the Company field only allowing one company, we use the various organisations within the Tags section.

Is there any chance for Custom drops downs/fields within the asset space?

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