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Assessment questions appear in wrong order?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Just doing some work on a new assessment and noticed that the order I have set in the Assessment config is reversed in the Assessment node.

So as per below screen shot I have these set as question 1 to 6 (image 1) but when working the assessment in the request they are in reverse (image 2) - is this correct? The assessment still works, and I have just reversed the order to make these appear in the right order, so not a massive issue. Just I would expect item 1 to be the 1st question as per the configuration (unless I have misunderstood the order column)

Many thanks

Image 1 order of questions to ask in assessment:


image 2 shows question 6 being offered as question number 1:


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Thanks Steve - yes I forgot to post back here all looks aok now the fix has been pushed out.

Hi Nick -  nice to see other customers making use of this feature! Happy to share tips if needed when setting up of course if you have any issues (its quite straight forward apart from the weighting part - that was fiddly to get correct and had to make several changes mainly due to the team using it giving conflicting requirements)

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