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Changing the primary key mapping for asset imports from the asset tag/host name to the serial number

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Hi All,

We have been looking to change our asset import configuration primary key from the current mapping to the asset tag/host name over to the serial number on the asset. 

We have made a test import configuration and imported one dummy asset. We then attempted an update to this new asset by changing just one of the data fields. On the second run this created a duplicate of the asset, and when reviewing the log file and attempting to update this dummy asset we note the below error message in the log file:

2022/10/13 09:55:37 Unable to Search for Asset: The search column 'h_serial_number' is not allowed

It appears that using the serial number is throwing the above error - is this correct?

Many thanks




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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

In your AssetTypes import config, have you set the AssetIdentifier->Entity value to match the entity where h_serial_number lives, as per the wiki documentation and the configuration example?

If you're importing computer type assets and matching on h_serial_ number, the entity should be AssetsComputer as so:

"AssetIdentifier": {
    "SourceColumn": "SystemSerialNumber",
    "Entity": "AssetsComputer",
    "EntityColumn": "h_serial_number"



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