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Next Button unresponsive Raising New


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Morning All,

A bit of a puzzler. We have one Agent, when she creates a new ticket using the Raise New button, not any of the sub-options. She moves through each page until she gets to the Summary and Description page, the Next button becomes unresponsive. It is not greyed out, it simply does not work.

Alternate browsers have been used with the same result and the device has been restarted.

Other Agents are unaffected and she is able to raise tickets using the sub-options.

Any thoughts?

If you would like to know the Progressive Capture the button triggers, please advise where the setting is as I cannot seem tot locate it.



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Hi @Osman

Thanks for your post.

The main Raise New option is commonly used to start an Intelligent Capture when the request type is not known.  The capture would typically include the Request Type form where one selects the type of request they want to raise.  Do you have the Request Type form just before the Request Details and does the user have rights to the request type that they are selecting?

On a side note, did you know that you can control if the Raise New or the individual request types are available to users?  You can use these settings to change the behavior.  As the Raise New has it's own Intelligent Capture script, some like to modify what is available in order to not having to manage the separate Intelligent Capture scripts.  These are global settings, so it will apply to all users. 


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