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Email Template Formatting Issues


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When creating an email template, the template looks as intended in the Template Editor and in the Email Action on a Request, but when it is sent and viewed in outlook, some of the images do not appear the correct size.

I'm certain this is more of an outlook formatting problem, but am curious if anyone has had similar issues and if they have come up with any solutions?

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That's most likely an Outlook issue, I'm afraid - however it is advisable to ensure that images embedded to emails are created in the desired dimensions (e.g. 100px by 30px), as resizing them does not affect the size (e.g. 10kB) of the image, and can create very large emails.

In a previous job my Marketing dept set a global signature using the original image from the Graphic Designer which was so large (about 200Mb despite being resized to appear about 1cm across) that it crashed the email server!

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