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Pause Resolve Timer, Portal Confirm Resolved Fixed/Broken and Close Request

Martyn Houghton

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We are attempting to get customer to use the portal Green and Red buttons for 'Fixed' /'Broken' when the status of the request is set to Resolved.

We pause the resolve timer in the BPM, before setting the status to Resolved and then have the workflow set to Suspect to await Status Change from Resolved.

This works if the the customer click on the  Red 'Broken' outcome so we can then resume the resolve timer and carry on working on the request.

However when choosing the Green 'Fixed' outcome, it appears that the process is hard coded to close the request but does not undertake any operations in relation to the timers. Within the BPM we have added a process to unpause the time and and then mark the resolve timer, but the timer is not being marked. 

Hornbill - Can you confirm what operations are triggered when a customer clicks on the Green 'Fixed' outcome?




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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Apologies for taking some time to reply on this thread.  Having reviewed the code you're correct that the 'fixed' outcome for the portal is currently hardcoded to close the request and does not take into account your situation where you have enabled the pause timer functionality.  In my view this should check for such a scenario and perform the relevant timer closure etc as per the user client so I will raise a problem record for this so that a full fix can be investigated.

Kind Regards,


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