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Problem logging into the Hornbill mobile app


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Morning, the Hornbill mobile app has just been deployed to my work mobile so I can test it before the rest of the team start to use it, but I'm not able to login to it. I get the message "login policy could not be applied". Is there anything I need to do in the configuration settings to allow people to use the app? I've looked to see if there are any roles, but I can't see anything. Thanks.

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12 minutes ago, Steve Giller said:

If you're using SSO to sign in to Hornbill, you will need to register the device, not sign into it.


Hi, I've followed the instructions but when I scan the QR code, it says there isn't an app on my phone that can use the code. I've installed the app (uninstalled and re-installed a couple of times). The app version is 1.8.29 for Android. 

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