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Report on Tickets Updated

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Is there any way I can run a report by analyst on the number of tickets updated per day.

I need to try to ensure that all team members are working efficiently.  Can just use raised or closed calls as sometimes there are calls updated without any closure.  I need to be able to measure but not sure how.

I am a real novice when it comes to reports so need step by step help



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This sounds like a job for ... "Timesheet Manager" ...

Reporting on updates should be possible, unfortunately not my area of expertise, but as an update can be as simple as applying a Customer's email, or as complicated as writing up a 3 hour remote session with a Customer this may not give you useful information.

Timesheet Manager allows Time Spent to be recorded against any action and should give a much better view not only of how much time is being spent on Requests, but also what areas are most time-consuming.

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