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All Intelligent Captures not showing in list


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When I go into the Intelligent Captures only the first page is showing in the list, without the option to go to the next pages or to keep scrolling down.

Have changed the order to last updated or by name and still just see one page.

It is the same in Chrome and Edge.  Any ideas?   Glad that they all seem to be there but it is a bit hard to find the ones I'm looking for.



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For a temporary fix to this you can change the setting api.xmlmc.maxPageSize setting to a larger number.  


The problem has come from another temporary fix where the option Access Granted to, that is used for controlling visibility of Intelligent Captures in the list, was not working properly due to paging.  Paging was turned off, but the list size was still limited by this setting.  In order to see more in the list, this setting needs to be modified.   


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