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Manual import of printer asset - unable to update Department field

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Hi All,

We have a set of printer data assets to import into the system, using the manual import .csv function.

In this data we have the Department field populated but it is not updating when we import it. It looks like this field should have a simple list of some sort associated to it when viewing the newly imported test printer asset but I am unable to confirm this. Does the printer Department asset need a list defined against it in order for us to populate this field? When looking at the department field in Asset manager, it looks like there should be some options in a drop down list as I can see an arrow.

Anyone able to advise further on this please?


Many thanks


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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

These departments come from the Organisational Groups created under Platform Configuration.  





You will need to keep in mind that when importing you will most likely need to use the full ID which contains the entire tree that the organisation group sits in. See image for example.


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