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Calls reopening


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I'm not sure if this is a known support issue or not so I'll just ask.


Some of my team members are reporting that previously closed calls are mysteriously re-opening unbidden. The BMP is completed, all timers indicate that the call has been resolved and yet the call has re-opened with out any interaction from the analyst or the supported colleague.

Any one else seeing this today?

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Hi @QEHNick

Thanks for your post.  

Are you able to show us a screen grab of the workflow that you have toward the end of these requests that are re-opening?  Also, when a request is in a resolved state, a customer on the portals has the ability to say that the resolution didn't work and re-open the request.  It might be that you are missing some automation in your workflow that helps to manage a two stage closure.  

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I have received reports this morning of quite a few tickets reopening despite nothing happening to them at all, no timeline updates or anything.


If it helps we have the 2 stage expiry, which expires after 5 working days. In the past if it expires, the ticket will be closed, but now it just reopens them.


This is urgent, as I've been given 8 tickets so far this has happened, and they are saying there is more in the queue that has reopened.

The Business Process hasn't changed at all.

I'll log a support ticket now and refer to this thread.



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