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Copying Custom Fields to a Linked Request


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If you copy questions when raising a linked request in a workflow, does this copy all custom fields into the linked request?  





Can you then use the custom fields in a Gotoif expression in the linked request and have selected it eg - image.png.338164c660716b6ed49416afa8b182c1.png ?

Thanks, Sam

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@SJEaton there is a node to "Update Request" that you usually leave to "auto" so it updates the current request. You just add that node to the originating BPM but tell it to update the RequestID for the newly created (we call it 'spawned') Request which you get from the node that created it.



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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @SJEaton

I think the query that you have in the 'custom_q' field in your screenshot (above) should do it? As long as there's a 'get request information' node before it, then it SHOULD work? 

I'm guessing it doesn't though? 

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